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The story of Mr. LOOK

_L1_8491-Edit Beamay, wear it, love it, be proud of it like the great fashion icons are …

Beamay, een rising brand uit Portugal dat stap per stap naam en faam krijgt onder de fashion elite. Gespot aan de pols van grootse fashion icons als Nick Wooster, Alessandro Squarzi, Mario Testino, … Ze dragen dit niet alleen, maar hebben ook elk hun eigen armband in samenwerking met het brand ontworpen. Elke armband in de collectie weerspiegelt dan ook de stijl van verschillende fashion influencers.

We kregen de kans om samen met dit prestigieus brand in zee te gaan en eigen touch te geven aan enkele armbanden uit hun collectie. We are proud to introduce you to the story of Mr. LOOK.

Beamay , a rising brand from Portugal, bracelets are seen on the wrists of fashion icons like Nick Wooster, Alessandro Squarzi, Mario Testino, … They do not only wear them but they designed them together with this trending brand. Every bracelet reflects the style from these great fashion influencers.

We joined forces with this prestigious brand and had the chance to give our own little touch on several bracelets from their collection. We are proud to introduce you to the story of Mr. LOOK.

The story of Mr. LOOK


A sound , a flashing light, the smell of fresh cappuccino … the early morning lures you from underneath your warm sheets. Get up and jump into the rush of life, Mr. LOOK.

A gentleman known for his style and refined taste. A man that travels the world to collect memories, treasures, history, … Someone who lives to explore cultures and thrives on new adventures. A never ending hunger to be fed by art in all its forms. A strong fashion mind that brings him from fashion week to fashion week and lures him to all the great parties where the music never ends. From a day off with Miss LOOK, to an important meeting around town … he always moves with great style.

Never alone, never without style, never without Beamay on his side. Made for him adored by her.

Give your wrist some jewellery that tells a little story, a story about you … Mr. LOOK.

Find the collection on Lookflshop

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Fotografie: Mathias Lambrecht

Hair: Jebelli’s Place

Modellen: Gillian Vanhoenacker en Jasmin Jebelli

Make-up: Ferris Demuynck – Au Bel Orient

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